The Narco-Murder Dismissal

Attorney Mary E. Conn and Attorney Jerald Graber represented a male charged with the shooting deaths of two individuals during a narcotic transac­tion in Houston, TX. The defendant was arrested at age 17, spending 4 years in the Harris County Jail before his case went to trial.

The defendant had two different attorneys before Mary and Jerald began their representation.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate the Murder

Investigator Keith Kucifer interviewed all of the scene witnesses, but none of them could identify the defendant as the shooter.

Keith found a wit­ness who knew the identity of the actual shooter by name and sight, but had not come forth originally because she feared for her life.

We determined during the investigation that this individual had been killed a few months after the shooting, during a dope rip off, but the Judge would not allow the information to be heard at trial. Although our witness, who knew the real shooter, was quite emotional during her testimony the jury was unable to give a verdict; deadlocked 10 for acquittal and 2 for conviction.

The State of Texas eventually dismissed the case.


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The Narco-Murder Dismissal