The Case of the Fly Stewardess

Attorney Lindsey M. Nemanich represented the father of a 3 year old boy who was in a custody battle with his ex-wife, a stewardess. The ex-wife had refused to provide her new address or the location of the daycare the son was attending.

Gradoni & Associates Gets Involved

When our client ended a visitation period by dropping off his son to his wife at a Walmart parking lot we were able to follow her to her new residence. We learned her new residence was a home she was sharing with a new boyfriend. The following morning we were able to follow the wife and identify the daycare center where she was bringing her son.

The wife had claimed that she rarely brought her son to daycare since she spent valuable bonding time with him on the days she was not flying. Over the course of two weeks we determined that the wife actually brought the child to the daycare center almost every day, spending the majority of her off time with her new boyfriend.

The Investigation Took Us to Galveston

On one of the days, she and her boyfriend actually traveled to Galveston and were looking at beach homes that were for sale. The case is still in litigation, but the information that we developed is certainly going to assist our client in obtaining more time with his child.

Result of Investigation: Client Has The Evidence Needed to Win Child Custody

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The Case of the Fly Stewardess