Upcoming Trials

Security Guard Faces Death Penalty

In June we will start jury selection on a security guard facing the Death Penalty, being charged with the murder of two prostitutes and the aggravated robbery of 6 other prostitutes, all from the Channelview area.

Investigator Keith Kucifer has interviewed the State’s 6 prostitute witnesses, who did not report their rapes until the Defendant’s picture was aired on TV after his arrest. The State’s case on the two deceased prostitutes is based largely on forensic evidence. There are also some identification issues which we have developed for Defense Lawyers Jimmy Ortiz and Allen Isbell.

North Houston Gangland Killings

Attorney Mary E. Conn and Attorney Jerald Graber represent a Defendant charged with Capital Murder in the shooting death of two gang members that occurred four years ago. The Defendant was 17 years old at the time the murders occurred and was incarcerated almost immediately after the incident. The State is basing their case on phone records and the testimony of two witnesses, who are most likely going to say the Defendant talked to them about his participation in the murders.

The murders occurred at an apartment complex in North Houston. There were a number of individuals who saw a male running from the vehicle holding a weapon in his right hand. The first witness, who came face to face with the shooter, could not identify our Defendant in a photo spread a few days after the murders occurred.

Investigator Cindy Klein and Investigator Paul Wisdom canvassed the area in July 2014 and found a witness who also saw the shooter running from the scene. This witness knew the shooter by name and sight and has identified him as the shooter and not the Defendant. Keith Kucifer has interviewed two inmates who are associates of the real shooter, who appear to have knowledge of the shooter’s participation in the murders.

Hopefully the jury will be able to determine that the actual shooter, who has since been killed trying to do a drug rip-off, has already received the death penalty.

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