The Death by Ophthalmologist Inquiry

Attorney Skip Cornelius represented an ophthalmologist who was charged with murder. The ophthalmologist’s college son was having a party at their home when they caught an intruder in the backyard. The intruder was asked to leave and he did, without incident.

Intruder Camps Bushes

A short time later the same intruder was found hiding in some bushes in the back yard, which caused the ophthalmologist to retrieve a gun from his residence. This time the intruder was somewhat aggressive when asked to leave the property. The ophthalmologist followed the intruder, who was much larger physically, out into the street while he was calling 911, asking for a police response.

Intruder Aggression Ensues

The intruder suddenly turned around and began to charge the homeowner, who fired a warning shot in an effort to get the in­truder to stop advancing on him. The intruder kept charging, yell­ing “What are you gonna do? Kill me.” Skip’s client then shot the intruder twice, killing him instantly. The responding police agency did not arrest the homeowner, but rather wrote a report giving it to the District Attorney who eventually got a murder indictment.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate the Killing

We were able to interview a number of witnesses who substantiat­ed that the homeowner was in fear of his own personal safety, fir­ing in Self-Defense. The jury had the same opinion, providing an acquittal.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Acquittal of Murder Charges

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The Death by Ophthalmologist Inquiry