Cheating & Infidelity

Cheating & infidelity can put a strain on a relationship, and all the family members that may be affected by the unintended consequences of such. There are times in some relationships that one of the partners suspects that their loved one is unfaithful.

As a private investigator in Houston since 1989, Gradoni & Associates has a record of success in the uncovering of the only thing that matters; the truth.

Suspect Cheating?

Recognize the Signs of Potential Infidelity

infidelity - Signs of a Cheating SpouseUnfaithful partners’ actions frequently send clues to their partners that raise the level of suspicion. Some of which we’ve listed below.

  • They go missing in action for short periods of time.
  • They delay in returning calls.
  • They protect their cell phone and cell phone records.
  • They often check their cell phone when it rings to see who is calling, but don’t answer.
  • They are spending less time with their partner than before.
  • They become upset or evasive when asked to account for their time.
  • Sexual intimacy has decreased.
  • They become obsessed about their physical appearance.

Experienced Cheating & Infidelity Investigators

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Cheating Partner with fingers-crossedGradoni & Associates has a long history of success in adultery, cheating & infidelity, divorce and child custody investigations.

Our services include surveillance, GPS vehicle tracking, license plate identification, telephone number identification, criminal record checks, cell phone analysis, in addition to text, email and computer forensics.

If the clues are there we will help you find out if they have merit.

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