White Collar & Embezzlement Investigations

Suspect Slight, Deception, and Theft at the Business?

Houston area businesses are subject to a number of aspects of white collar crimes, particularly in the corporate world. These crimes are often difficult to detect because the offenders typically have “insider” knowledge of a business’ financial arrangements and practice. With this insider knowledge, the perpetrator(s) can often fly under the radar for years.

We Investigate Embezzlement & Fraud

Embezzlement, fraud, misappropriation of funds and theft of proprietary information are prime examples of white collar criminal activity. These crimes are often covered up with the aid of computers and many times go undetected until it is too late.

It is common to find that the “thieves” have prior criminal history that wasn’t detected prior to being hired.

Houston Corporate Internal Investigations Since 1989

Numerous corporate clients have utilized the services of Gradoni & Associates to identify perpetrators, recover stolen property and stop the loss of assets from their businesses.

J.J Gradoni is a recognized expert in the area of white collar crimes, surveillance, and one of the best when it comes to investigations. As a professional and leader in the field, he’s authored numerous intelligence documentaries on the subject.

An Experienced Team Knows Best

Houston White Collar InvestigatorThe staff at Gradoni & Associates includes a number of Investigators with professional law enforcement backgrounds who are experts in interviewing techniques. These Investigators have access to “state of the art” equipment and procedures to solve cases.

Our team also includes forensic accountants, surveillance agents, computer experts polygraph experts, and forensic computer experts.

If needed, undercover agents can be utilized to work inside a company to gather intelligence and evidence. Investigations of this nature have resulted in the arrest, conviction and/or dismissal of employee/thieves.

Suspect a White Collar Criminal in the Fold?

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If you need to consult with J.J. Gradoni, or one of the other experienced white collar and embezzlement investigators on our team, call our detectives at 281-440-0800.

The Case of The Embezzling Accountants

A Corporate Investigation Success Our firm was contacted by the owner of a lawn maintenance com­pany with an embezzlement problem. The owner had determined that his accountant of 13 years had been paying a number of her personal bills, including all the expenses...

The Case of the Shell Companies

"The Billing Scam" Attorney Phillip Hilder, one of our most tenured clients, referred Gradoni & Associates to one of Houston's largest commercial land development companies. The individual in charge of Company signage abruptly quit, taking the majority of the...

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